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Canon Vixia HF M30 
Canon Vixia HF M30 Camcorder Review:
I have some footage in Program AE, as well as 24P Cinemode, in MXP 24Mbps, and FXP 17Mbps, I test the Zoom @ 7ft on an ink pen, and the manual. Also demo the input for live music recording such as guitar, keyboard, gnx3000, rp7, yamaha mg10/2, using a class 4 sd card. video edited in Pinnacle Studio HD 14, I think the reason for MXP 24 Mbps @ Program AE does'nt look so great is because I am using a Class 4 SD card, rather then a Class 6. I am using a Fender Heartfield Talon V guitar, yamaha MM6 & MG10/2 mixing board, Digitech Rp7, GNX3000, into the canon vixia HF M30 direct to the mic input using RCA to 1/4" stereo jack from the yamaha mg10/2 mixing board, And also my Wife's totally Awsome Salt water fish tank.


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Product Description:
The Canon VIXIA HF M30 Dual Flash Memory Camcorder features an 8GB internal flash drive and an SD memory card slot in an ultra-sleek, compact and lightweight body - it's a brilliant blend of capability and convenience. Canon's advanced imaging technologies, including a Genuine Canon 15x HD Video Lens and 3.89-megapixel Full HD CMOS Image Sensor, help to deliver high definition video and 3.3 megapixel photos with incredible detail and lifelike color. Sophisticated features such as Smart Auto "reads" the visual components of the scene you're shooting and chooses the best settings. Touch & Track allows you to achieve sharp focus and precise exposure for any subject, simply by touching the 2.7" Touch Panel LCD. And to complete the entertainment picture, 5.1-Channel Surround Sound* ensures your audio is every bit as impressive as your video.

Customer Reviews
Average Rating:  out of 5 stars

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars - 1080 HD camcorder with high quality lense, awesome stabilization, great zoom, and more!
The Canon VIXIA HF M30 HD Camcorder is Full HD 1080 with a great HD CMOS chip inside. It has 5 recording modes, so that you can lower your resolution and record longer. With your built-in 8GB's of memory, you can record 43m on the highest quality MXP of 24 Mbps (which is stunning). At its lowest, called Long Play (5Mbps) you can record 2h59m. You will need to charge your battery no matter what though, as the one it comes with lasts about an hour.

It has lots of functions when switched to manual. You can record in portrait mode, that detects faces, and eliminates red eye, and softens features and softens the background. You can swith to Sports for a faster shutter speed. And being that some of the best scenes of the day are at sunset and sunrise, you want a camcorder that can record in low lights and the M30 can, with the Night scene record option. It is so difficult to find a camera that can do this well. Either camera's shoot footage that is way too grainy and noisy, or else ... Read More

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars - Perfect Camera
I did research for 2 months before I bought this camera. I was confused between Canon Vixia HF200 and Vixia HF M30 but finally I selected Vixia HF M30 on the following grounds.
1. HF200 is an older model in comparison to HF M30.
2. After reading the specs on Canon website of each camera and comparing it to each other both are same.
3. HF M30 has 8 gb internal memory while HF200 has none.
4. HF M30 is cheaper in price than HF200.
5. HF M30 has sleek looks and nice touch screen While HF200 has no touch screen.
6. HF M30 has Dynamic Image stabilizer While HF200 has a regular Image stabilizer.
7. HF M30 has 5.1-channel(with optional Canon SM-V1 5.1-Channel Surround Microphone)on the other hand HF200 has 2 channel audio system.
8. HF M30 can take class SDHC class 10 memory card, many owner in their reviews said that their HF200 gives an error when they put class 10 memory
memory card in their camera.
9. Canon is concerned more about ... Read More

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars - Exceeded all my expectations!
Let me start of by saying I normally wouldn't give something a 5 star rating, but this camera has so far exceeded all my expectations.

The video quality is excellent. The zoom is great. The image stabilization is amazing. It has a button you can press to increase it even further and even zoomed in at 15x, I was able to get a very steady picture.

Where the camera has truly exceeded my expectations is underwater. I got the case Canon sells for this and have used it diving the past two days and its been awesome. The quality underwater is just as good as above! The camera has an underwater mode which is truly color corrects things underwater. They even realize that you may want to record above water and give you a way to switch between underwater mode and above water (boat) mode with the camera in the case. Buying the camera and the underwater case is not much more then buying a case from other 3rd party vendors either, so the value was huge for me.

Read More

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars - Great Size, Great Camcorder!
I have been looking for a camcorder for quite some time. After several months of looking through many reviews, I decided to choose the Cannon M30. I am happy with my decision. The camcorder is smaller than I expected, which takes time to get use to it. All functions are touch screen. So far the only issue I have with it is that the manual is in PDF format requiring you to print it out (220 pages). If you are debating about it...stop...go buy it. You will be happy with it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars - The best camcorder under USD 700
I was like 3 weeks reading reviews and it did worth the time.

Very good photos and videos, even with the lenses I bought (F.E. Opteka fisheye).

Very intuitive touchscreen menu.

If you are thinking of using your camcorder in outdoors, buy the waterproof case "Lowepro Apex 100 AW". Within this case, the camera fits very well, even with the Opteka fisheye, the battery extra pack (BP809B), the extra SDHC memories and the UV filter.

If you need to downgrade the Full HD videos you took to upload them to youtube for example, use this free program "Free HD converter"

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars - Awesome Camcorder
I have now owned this camcorder for a couple weeks. I love everything about it except the Pixela software it came with. The software gives an error message every time I try to import the videos from the camcorder to my computer, which is frustrating because I have tried everything I can think of to resolve the problem.

Other than that, the experience has been very positive. The touch screen takes a little getting used to, but once I got a handle on it, I found it much more appealing than a traditional menu toggle.

I plan to revisit this review and update after I have gotten the software issues resolved.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars - For the price and features, how can I complain?
Why am I the first reviewer? :P

For 1080p that also has an audio input, you don't really have any comparably price items.

I wanted to use this to film hotel rooms and also video of my child. But seriously, if I just cared about my child, I probably would've gone for the 720p options that are in the sub 100 range.

1080P + mic input, what major choices do you have at this price point?