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Computer Projects:
- Core i7 920 / GTX285 / FTW
- Core i7 930 / GTX465 / GKW
- Core 2 Quad Q6600 / 902
- Core 2 Quad Q6600 / AYB 900
- Core 2 Quad Q9400 / EH
- Dual Core E5300 / AB 900
- Dual Core D 820 / E510
- Dual Core E1400 G41 / wbsvr
- HP - Compaq Transplant
- Dual Display Desk Setup

Guitar Projects:
- Ibanez Prestige RG2550Z Custom
- Ibanez Premium RG870Z Custom
- Fender Heartfield Talon V MIJ

- Zalman ZM-MH200 HUB
- RAID 0 vs Single HDD
- Canon Vixia HF M30 Camcorder

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About Me 
The Beginning:
I consider myself to be a Computer Enthusiast in many ways.
I am intrigued by Computers, Electronics & Technology, and have been for many years.
I remember turning my Stereo Casette Player into a Guitar Amp when I was 14.

If I see a computer the first thing I want to do is find the specs:
No matter how old or complex the computer and hardware is I am up for a challenge.
It's well known by my Family, and Friends
that I cannot resit the dabble into a piece of technology or Hardware.

I've spent the last several years exploring with computers and Peripherals...

PC Music Recording:
Being a Guitarist I began to utilize PC recording.
My first recording software was Cakewalk Guitar Tracks
I used anolog/composite recording to PC on an eMachines 366ID:
366MHZ Intel Celeron, 32MB SDRAM, Win98, 4.3GB HDD, It worked quite well.
Then to a 400id 400MHZ Celeron with ATI All in Wonder Pro, I think my dad still has it, not sure.
I then moved up to bigger things like an Intel Celeron eMachines eOne 500MHZ, 32MB SDRAM lol..
a Hercules Game Theater XP 16-Bit Sound card and interface I still have it (Pics ?? Maybe)..
Then later to an eMachines 633IDS 633MHZ 64MB, 8GB HDD,
I used The Game Theater XP for quite a while untill 2005, It's in the closet now.

Currently I use the following PC Recording setup:
- Hewlet Packard DV6-2155 Intel Core i3 Laptop
- Digitech GNX4 Guitar Workstation USB Audio interface (Sound Card)
- Digitech GNX3000 Guitar Workstation USB Audio interface (Sound Card)
- Digitech Rp7 Valve (1992) Analog mixed into the GNX3000
- Digitech BP200 Bass Effects unit
- Digitech JML2 JamMan Stereo Looper Phrase Smapler
- Digitech GNXFC Midi Foot Controler (GNX3000/GNX4 & JamMan features)
- Yamaha MG10/2 Mini Mixing board
- Yamaha MM6 Keyboard Synthesizer WorkStation
- Yamaha Sustain Pedal
- Dunlop 95Q Wah Pedal
- Shure PG48 XLR mic
- EV Cobalt Co9 premium XLR mic
- Sony MDR-V600 Studio Headphones
- Crate GT1200H 120 Watt Head
- Crate G412SL Slant 4x12 cabinet

- 2008 Ibanez RG2550Z Prestige Custom. H/H EMG 81/60
- 2011 Ibanez RG870Z Premium Custom. H/S/H DiMarzio/IBZ - Voltage Pickguard
- 200? Jackson Dinky Reverse DMXG. H/H EMG-HZ
- 1991 Heartfield by Fender Talon 5. H/S/H DiMarzio Super3/Single/DiMarzio H3 - Fender Exclusive
- Bass Ibanez SR305 5 String
- Dean Markley Blue Steel Strings
- Jim Dunlop USA Nylon 1MM Picks

- Cakewalk Guitar Tracks
- Protracks Plus 2.2
- Steinberg Cubase Ai4
- Digitech X-Edit Editor/Librarian

The Web
I started building webpages in 1998/99.
I am also into Web Design & Web programming,
I have done many web projects, and have some knowlage in programming such as,
actionscript, Flash, Flash Communication Server, HTML, PHP, Apache Web Server, Graphic Design,
I have built many apps over the years Including a Webcam Chat application in Flashcom.

Extreme PC and Gaming:
I remember my Brother bringing me a copy of Delta Force: Black Hawk Down Team Saber.
I really was not into games, and the computer I had could'nt play it.
So I just set it to the side untill one day I had a Gateway VTX400 Laptop.
was bored one day, so I put the CD in and away I went. It was on now!
I played for hours, I loved it online running around with my brother in a game.

I then got a Dell E510 w/ ATI X300SE 128MB to play in much better graphics.
Later a friend of mine introduced me to Battlefield 2142, and I love that game too.

Again my Brother came over and showed me some Kool PCs with multiple graphics cards !!!!!!
I started researching the whole thing, and I new I wanted one.
The Game Crysis hit the streets, and my PC could'nt cut it.
So I built my first SLI PC, and have been going nuts with it ever since.

Video Editing, and Movie Making
I recently started shooting video in HD 1080P
This is a major change from the old Sony Hi-8 cassette with no memory card. lol...
I started a youtube channel a few years ago, and recently started using it.
Having a Hi Performance gaming rig has its advantages for faster video rendering.
There is still much for me to learn.

Currently I use the following Video Editing setup:
- Canon Vixia HF-M30 Video Camcorder
- PNY Proffesional Class 10 20MB/s SD card
- Cyberlink Power Director 9 Ultra-64 (Main Software)
- Pinnacle Studio HD 14

The Result:
Now I build and test computers for fun.
Gaming, Benchmarking, Experimenting, and talking with other Computer Enthsiasts,
and Extreme Gamers on Message forums, & Social Networks.
My favorite place is SLI Zone Forums @ Nvidia.

My Goal:
I enjoy sharing my experince with the world.
Hey It's Entertainment Right!

My Studio / Office as of 6/4/2011

My Guitars as of 09/18/2011