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Ibanez RG870z pics
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Author:  William [ June 23rd, 2011, 8:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Ibanez RG870z pics

I've had my Ibanez RG870z going on 3 months now.
It has taken me a while to get use to it, cause I have used the same guitars for 20 years.

at first I wanted to change the CAP pickups, but now I am starting to like them,
I may still change them, but they have a nice tone, not all that great for really heavy stuff.
Unless you have a powerfull rig.. But I'm a DiMarzio DP152 Super Distortion user.

The Edge Zero tremelo is second to none, I am begining to like it better then my Floyd Rose Pro, II, and Floyd Rose Licensed Jackson Low Profile JT580 LP.
I especially like the fact that I don't need a screw driver to adjust the tension, it has a thumb knob instead.
also has a tension spring for quick response, which can be removed for a traditional trem, which I have mine removed.
Absolutely love it. Tuning is perfect, once you get it tuned, and strings stretched, it will not need tuning very often.

The truss rod cover with flip open door access is very nice..

The 5-piece premium neck is just amazing, both look and feel, and is very sustainable.
feels very strong..

Headstock: looks fit for a king. binding is nice on 870, and 920
the 920 has binding all the way down the neck, 870 headstock only..

Machine heads are very quality, and tune up nicely.
the fine tuners are a little stiff, but seem to be breaking in ok...

comes with a really nice gig bag. (not hardshell case) but a really nice gig bag.

Frets: very smooth, and comfortable rounded, or ball end frets.,
My 1 and only (complaint) is the frets feel a little thin, and soft which I really do not like to much.
I already have a fret with a dent in it from picking it up while holding the string against the fret by accident.
my own fault for doing it, but I think it was a little soft, maybe it's just me.. it does affect the playing while bending on that fret it clicks note.
again this was my own fault for grabing it that way, but I just feel it should have not have dented so easily.
(time will cure it as the frets wear down).

The quality is from top to bottom,

Overall I would recomend this guitar, I give it (8 out of 10)
the cons where Frets to soft and thin, pickups not powerfull enough.
but those are my own personal opinions, and I am a very pickey person.
for the price you will not get a better guitar in my opinion. if you want better, then double the price. get a Prestige
other guitars close to this price range do not compare...





Comes with this tool, and Gig Bag

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