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Mon Jan 10 10:23:52 2011 
Left 4 Dead 2 Giveaway is still under way 1 more Steam copy of L4D2
Enter the Left 4 Dead 2 Drawing while there is still time,
I will draw the winner on Jan 31st 2011.

All you have to do is post on my L4D2 contest message forum

More Giveaways on the way.

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Sun Jan 9 20:42:02 2011 
CES 2011 EVGA Shows off Upcoming Dual-GPU Video Card
"The DX11 video card battle between NVIDIA and AMD has been getting pretty good in recent months. NVIDIA is getting ready to phase out the GeForce 400 series and has started to trickle out GeForce 500 series cards. The next rumored launch is going to be a video card that might be called the GeForce GTX 560. Pretty much all of the rumors that are on the web are talking about the GTX 560 being a very powerful mainstream single-GPU gaming graphics cards that is going to replace the GeForce GTX 460 that is currently on the market. AMD has publicly announced that they have a Radeon HD 6990 (code-named Antilles) dual-GPU video card in development that is the sequel to the Radeon HD 5970."

Read more..   -   Coments

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Sat Jan 8 11:35:10 2011 
Notice - I am transfering my domains to 1and1
All my websites may become inactive for short amount of time.

I am transfering my domains from NameSecure.com to 1and1.com.
The reason is, I have been with Namesecure for approx: 12 years, and have always paid $8.95 per year per doman, they have raised the price to $14.95 per year per domain.

I can transfer/register my domains at 1and1 for $4.99 for the first year, and $8.99 per year after that. I used 1and1.com's webhosting for several years, and the service was excellant. I will still be hosting my own website, but 1and1.com will handle the domain services.

This transfer may take 7-10 days, if everything goes well the site will not go down for long period of time.

I appoligize for any inconveinience.

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Sat Jan 8 05:47:26 2011 
Get ready for exciting new Technology SuperPhones 4G Gaming
How about playing Crysis, or Call of Duty on your Cellphone?
Are we are heading into an age of Micro Gaming?
Although these games will more then likely be yesterdays news,
I think we already see this type of tech in PSP, DS, and other small gaming devices.

We can already watch movies, browse the internet,
and play games on pocket devices.
It looks like we are heading in a direction of 1 Micro Device for all our needs.
Wait I think we already are.
My Gaming PC weighs approx: 80lbs, a PSP weighs about a 1 lb.? lol..

Source: Examiner.com

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Fri Jan 7 15:20:05 2011 
Replacing the LCD Screen on an HP DV6-3120us a bit more dificult then normal
This is how far the Hewlwt Packard DV6-3120us has to be torn down to remove the LCD screen.
Most laptops require about 15 minutes or less,
this one I have about 2 hours in.

The only reason for dismantling is 2 screws.
you must take apart the entire lapto to remove the hinge covers,
The only 2 screws that holds the bezel together and you cant get to
without doing all this.

Here is a photo of 1 side where the hinge obstructs the screw from being removed.


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Fri Jan 7 02:50:51 2011 
Mounting the Corsair H50 in the rear has increased my temps by 5c idle
I have not tested the temps at load yet.
I was expecting this, I am going to mount the H50 back on the front like it was before. This time a little different, Since I removed the drive cages, I will mount the radiator directly to the fan and plastic shroud. this will also allow me to go a little deeper into the 5.25" drive bay housing.

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Fri Jan 7 00:31:20 2011 
Finished cleaning the Antec 1200 X58 SLI 3-way GTX 285 Gaming Rig
The E758 motherboard looks brand new,
I use a Mini-Blind vac brush to clean it's very effective.

A lot of dust acumeulated under the top bezel

Here it is all clean, used a vac with round brush,
and the mini blind brush to get the tight areas

The fans were tough, but after a good vac,
I use a Microfiber cloth to get the blades.
Being a Non-Smoker they were easy to clean, No alcohol needed.

Here's everything laid out to be put back together

I call this a Zip Tie mod, if you cant use screws 2 zip ties work well, I just use the head from one. too bad I could'nt use it.
The VREG cooler is in the way.

I probably could have done a better cable management job,
but I plan to move everything into a new case in the next couple of months.

As opposed my prior install of the H-50,
I installed it the standard way, only with fan flow out the back.
I want to see what my temps are vs. the way I had it before.

I left the big drive cages out.
they were just in the way, my drives are in the SNT RAID Cage.
This will open the case up more, and have better airflow.
Not to mention I used 4 thumb screws per fan vs 8 before

The reason for the blue line, is
This fan was making noise before I cleaned it.
I want to see if it was off balance due to the dust.

Everything is all back together, I will test it tommorow.

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Thu Jan 6 23:39:01 2011 
Xbox 360 Kinect causing Red Ring of Death error on older Xbox 360 consoles
Microsoftís hands-free controller Kinect is causing older Xbox 360 consoles to die and display the now infamous Red Ring of Death (RRoD) error message

Basically, there seems to be a pattern to the stories Iím receiving. Folks get their hands on a Kinect, hook it up to an older Xbox 360 console (not the newer slimline console), play with it for a while and then - RRoD and thatís the end of the console.

BBC News has a story similar to the tales Iím hearing:

"We plugged it in the day we got it but only played it a few times before we got the red lights.

The next day when we tried it again we still had the red rings of death and havenít been able to use it since."

It is quite a shame as we got loads of new games for the Xbox too and I never had a chance to play them."

Microsoft emphatically denies any connection between the Kinect hardware and failure of the Xbox 360:

"Kinect is designed to work with every Xbox 360 sold to date, There is no correlation between the three flashing red lights error and Kinect. Any new instances of the three flashing red lights error are merely coincidental."

So, what could be going on here?

1.Nothing. Itís pure coincidence. Part of me is inclined to believe this since pretty much any new release for the Xbox (game, accessory or whatever) seems to generate reports that the new release bricked the Xbox. Truth is that the Xbox is just like every other piece of consumer electronics - itís build by the lowest bidder and has a finite lifespan. Itís quite possible that these consoles that would have died anyway, especially as most seem to be three years old and over.

2.The issue is down to people pulling their console out of storage and starting to use it again. Disuse, dust, damp and so on can have an adverse effect on electronic devices.

3.There is a problem with Kinect on older consoles. Itís a long shot but Iím not ready to rule it out completely just yet.

So, this is where you can help me out. If youíre an Xbox 360 owner who has bought a Kinect and then later suffered the RRoD problem, let me know, either by dropping me a note via the contact form or through the TalkBack section below. Give as much information as you can - how old the console is, model, when you bought the Kinect, how long youíve used it, and what game you were playing before the console died. Iím curious to see if thereís any pattern to these failures.


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Wed Jan 5 10:47:51 2011 
Moving Keyboard claims to reduce injuries
One of the Best of Innovations honoree at CES 2011 is the Engage keyboard from Smartfish. This keyboard features a motion system that studies your typing speed and then makes its own adjustments periodically so that your hands and wrists are never in a fixed position.

The Engage Keyboard was developed in collaboration with the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City.


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Tue Jan 4 02:01:03 2011 
Recomend a Computer Case - What PC chasis would you recomend and why
Here are the features that interest me most.
- Full or Super tower
- Hot swap 3.5" drive bays
- possibly 1 or 2 2.5" drive bays
- easy access front fans and filters

These are the cases I have in mind.
- ABS Canyon 695 (Discontinued) but is perfect.
- ABS Tigas
- Antec DF-85
- Corsair Obsidian Series 800D
- Zalman GS1200 ??

Post your suggestions all coments are welcome, Please Coment Here.

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Mon Jan 3 04:23:37 2011 
Antec DF-85 Fleet Release
Here's Picture of why I want an Antec DF-85
look how easy it is to access the filters, and 120mm fans

Sweeeeeet! huh!

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Mon Jan 3 03:52:47 2011 
My Gaming Rig in pieces - X58 Core i7 3-way SLI GTX285 thinking about Antec DF 85
I started out by just cleaning the air filters,
it's been a while so when I opened it up, it was bad.
So I decided to use my old rig for while, and just rebuild the X58.

I thought about doing some upgrades, but it really does'nt need it,
well with Intel SandyBridge just released,
and Intel's IvyBridge just around the corner,
why waste it on upgrades.

I may get a case with easier to access air filters,
with this Antec 1200, I have to:
• Remove both side panels
• Remove 24 thumb screws
• slide the drive cages forward
• and finally slide the filters out for cleaning
and still cannot access the entire fan without further disassembling the screws from the 5.25" mesh plates, 9 of those

I have my eye on the Antec DF:85,
but really don't like red LEDs, I would rather have Blue LEDs.
it does have plenty of features though,
Here are some of my favorite features:
• 4 x internal 3.5" Fleet-Swapô drive bays
• Fleet-Releaseô access doors for air filters
• Lockable access doors ensure security
• CPU cutout allows for easy installation of CPU coolers
• Top 2.5" hot-swap SATA (SSD-compatible) drive bay
• easy fan access

I'm using the 780i while I rebuild it.

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Sun Jan 2 04:30:25 2011 
My rankings on search engines
Not too bad.

Search: Computer Enthusiast:
• 6th place on Google
• 14th place on Bing
• 15th place on Yahoo

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Sun Jan 2 03:18:36 2011 
Winner of the L4D2 Steam Re-Draw
Since the winner never contected me.
I had to Re-Draw a new winner.

Congrats. to Potatotube

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Sun Jan 2 02:45:28 2011 
Just messing around with a guitarist's rack PC idea
A rack with:
• Computer
• Effects processor
• Equalizer
• Mixer
• Light
• Power distribution
• and a drawer at the bottom

The PC consists of 4 hard drives RAID 0 x 2 mirrored
meaning the RAID 0 will be redundant, good idea so recordings wont be lost if a hdd fails, 2 DVD-RW drives for creating music CD's, a card reader with eSATA, molex power, SD, usb, etc.., an X-Fi Platinum series sound card with front I/O panel.

This would be great for a guitar recording rig.
Just an idea I've been brain storming about.
you see rack servers, and musicians racks, now combined together makes a perfect home recording studio.

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Sun Jan 2 02:30:45 2011 
Happy New Year!
I just finished writing a new script for the Blog.
in PERL / SSI, I was editing the HTML pages directly,
and that was getting old.

The kool thing is that now each post will have the date and time automaticly stamped on each post, along with a permalink, and most of all share options, like Twitter, and Facebook, etc..

Lazy huh!

At least now I can concentrate on blogging, rather then programming.

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